Amateur rider of the year

EXCLUSIVELY for Amateurs a competition format for all levels based on riding ability and performance.

Will you be a STAR with TSR?

What is the Amateur Rider of the Year?

The Rider of the Year is the culmination of the TSR Pathway Talent Spotting Series.

  • A fun, friendly & supportive competition style final
  • Compete at your own ability level & in your age group.
  • Judged on Riding ability and Performance this is an amazing opportunity for Riders to show their STAR potential and have their riding ability and dedication to training rewarded!

                                                                                                                     2024 Set Shows!

How can I take part?

How do I get selected?

  • Attend a TSR Clinic, Approved Clinic or a Talent Spotting Lesson to be talent spotted for the TSR Training Pathway Finals
  •  Riders will be selected from training groups or lessons at either Lead Rein, New, Rising or Super Star level by the trainer on the day.

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Talent spotted riders will compete for the title of Amateur Rider of the Year in the following ability & age groups

Compete at YOUR own Level in your Age Group!

LEAD REIN Rider of the Year – riders up to the age of 10 (as of the 1st of January)

NEW STAR Rider of the Year – 6-10 yrs / 11-14 yrs / 15-25 yrs / 26-40 yrs / 41+ yrs

RISING STAR Rider of the Year – 6-10 yrs / 11-14 yrs / 15-25 yrs / 26-40 yrs / 41 + yrs

SUPER STAR Rider of the Year – 9-14 yrs / 15-25 yrs / 26-40 yrs / 41 + yrs

Riders will take part in a ridden set show
Judges will be looking for good riding and correct way of going.

The Amateur Rider of the Year is held within the TSR Premier Amateur Summer Show on 25th – 26th May 2024 Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.

Attend a clinic or lesson holding talent spotting opportunities to be considered for the Finals. You will be given a Slip on the day to confirm being spotted which should then be forwarded to the TSR office.

Fabulous rosettes for everyone!

Prizes to be confirmed.