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TSR Training Pathway

Will you be a STAR with TSR?

What is the training pathway?

The TSR Pathway is a training platform for keen and enthusiastic Amateur Riders/Handlers who wish to improve their riding/in hand showing skills through training and development to achieve their goals. The pathway is split into ability and age groups as follows:

LEAD REIN RIDDEN – riders from 4 – 10 years old

NEW STAR – Beginners / Novice – riders and handlers from 6 yrs old

RISING STAR – Progressing Combinations – riders and handlers from 6 yrs old

SUPER STAR – Established riders and handlers – riders and handlers from 9 yrs old

Each of the above ability groups are split into the following age groups:
6-10 years / (9-14 years superstar only) / 11 -14 years / 15-25 years / 26-40 years / 41 + years

Pathway Riders/Handlers can progress through the levels and aim for the titles at each for TSR AMATEUR RIDER & TSR HANDLER OF THE YEAR!

Each Rider/Handler on the Pathway can ask TSR for assistance to put together a training program and will have access to advice from showing experts across the country.

The Pathway is there to assist and support you on your showing and training journey. 

Get Talent Spotted at a TSR Clinic and FIND YOUR PATH to SUCCESS with the TSR TRAINING PATHWAY

How can I take part?

The TSR Pathway is for Amateur riders/handlers from the age of 6 years old,  riders aged between 4 and 10 years can be on the Lead Rein and riders 6 years old and over riding off the lead. There is no upper age limit, you are never too old to get involved!

You can ride ANY type of horse or pony. This is about performance and ability, conformation isn’t part of the score.

Check out the TSR Amateur Definition in the Handbook for those who are eligible for the Pathway. Anyone can attend clinics but the Finals are exclusively for Amateurs.

You are eligible for TSR Amateur/Home Produced classes and finals unless you are a Professional. You are a Professional in relation to Showing if you derive ANY income (main or part time) from working with horses/ponies in connection with Showing OR if you fall into one of the following Professional definitions as detailed below:

  • Professional Producer – A person who keeps horses/ponies, including training, livery, schooling, rides or handles equines for the show ring for more than one exhibitor/owner paid or unpaid since 1st January 2020.
  • Professional Rider – A person of any age who rides horses/ponies in the show ring for more than one owner paid or unpaid since 1st January of the preceding year.
  • Professional Handler – A person of any age who leads horses/ponies in the show ring for more than one owner paid or unpaid, including Lead Reins since 1st January of the preceding year.
  • Professional Breeder – A person who breeds from 10 or more brood mares in a commercial capacity since 1st January of the preceding year.
  • Professional Show Groom – A person who receives remuneration or otherwise for employment full, part-time, or self-employed in connection with Showing in the current year or since 1st January of the preceding year.
  • Professional Trainer/Instructor – A person who teaches and trains in any discipline paid or unpaid
  • Professional Owner – A person who exhibits an animal in their name which is professionally produced for the show ring in the current year. Any other animals in their name/care or ownership or in the name of an immediate family member/spouse/partner even if they are kept at home will NOT be eligible for the Amateur Home Produced Classes in that year.


For clarity, where the definition states ‘for more than one exhibitor/owner’ this is exclusive of yourself.  Therefore, as an example X can ride their own horse/pony and that of Y only.

All children/juniors not to have attained their 18th birthday before 1st January in the current year will fall under their parents/guardian’s status.

Immediate family (as defined in the TSR Handbook section 4a.)/Spouses or Partners of a Professional who work or are howsoever otherwise engaged or involved in any capacity with the Professional’s business whether or not for remuneration will be treated as being a Professional.

For more information please check the TSR Handbook HERE 

TSR takes very seriously the spirit of these conditions and any member found to be contravening them will be excluded from all competition running under this ruling.

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To be part of the TSR Pathway, Riders/Handlers have to be TALENT SPOTTED at either a TSR Clinic, a TSR Approved Clinic or at a Talent Spotting Lesson.

Riders/Handlers will be talent spotted into the following ability groups at clinics/lessons:

LEAD REIN – from riders starting out to those chasing their dreams 

NEW STAR – Beginners / Novice level
RISING STAR – Progressing combinations
SUPER STAR – Established riders and handers

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