2024 Clinics

Showing Clinics

Friendly, Fun & Confidence Boosting! For ALL ages & abilities

TSR Showing Clinics

TSR showing clinics - coming soon...

Each session is 1 hour 30 mins.

Time slots will be allocated depending on age and ability.

Top Professionals

Run through your paces ahead of the Premier Amateur Show

All topics covered

Spectators welcome

Chance to be Talent Spotted for the Finals

TSR don't currently have any clinics scheduled.

If you're expecting to see a clinic here or if you'd like to know more about clinics you can contact us for more information

Friendly, Fun & Confidence Boosting! For ALL ages & abilities

Get MORE at a TSR Clinic

TSR clinics welcome everyone at every level, come and get involved!

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You DO NOT have to be a TSR Member OR an Amateur to take part in a TSR clinic – Everyone is Welcome. 

They are for all riders no matter what level you ride at or the type of horse/pony you have.

If you’re new to showing there is lots of advice and help. You might want to polish up and brush the winter cobwebs away, they are a great place to get going. Or you might have a young horse/pony or new rider that needs some practice before their first show.

Just let us know and we can assist you to achieve your goals and gain that all important confidence!

The TSR trainers are recognised and renowned trainers, producers and/or judges in the showing industry.  Each trainer has a proven ability to deliver the clinic at the highest level to ensure that all riders and handlers benefit from their experience.

All the TSR trainers are very friendly, approachable and happy to help.

For a list of Approved Talent Spotters to book a Talent Spotting Lesson or Clinic click HERE

We organise riders/handlers into small groups of 4 – 6 riders with similar sized/type of animals.

Clinic sessions last approx 90 mins and include group flatwork to get warmed up followed by individual/pair work.

As well as ridden training we cover In Hand technique, presentation of your horse/pony and of course the rider/handler!

The aim is to help you and your horse/pony get as much out of the session as possible. 

2024 Prices are TBC

If the clinic is an “Approved” Clinic rates may vary so check with the organiser.

We do not offer refunds after 14 days from date of booking. Or in the 48 hrs before the clinic.

Check with organisers for terms of individual clinics.

Where it states “approved” the clinic is not organised by TSR so rates and format may differ from a TSR organised clinic.

Book a “Talent Spotting Lesson” or attend a clinic with an approved talent spotter for your chance to be spotted!  Check out the List HERE

Who are we Spotting?
TSR is looking for talented riders/handlers and their horses/ponies who have potential as a combination. We are looking for:-

Riders who have a good understanding of the importance of basic flatwork demonstrating this through their riding ability and  horse/pony’s way of going.

Riders can be up to the age of 10 years old on the Lead Rein OR 6 years and over and riding off the lead rein to be talent spotted (there is no upper age limit)

Handlers who enjoy working with their horse or pony from the ground demonstrating good In Hand Showing technique.

How does it work?
• Attend a TSR Talent Spotting Clinic or Talent Spotting Lesson for your chance to be talent spotted for the TSR Pathway Finals.
• If you are spotted you will be notified at the clinic/lesson by the trainer and given an official slip to return to the TSR office for acceptance.

• Riders/Handlers will be talent spotted into the following ability groups
NEW STAR – Novice/Beginners level – those who are just starting out, are a new combination or working on the basics and having fun at the same time.
RISING STAR – Progressing Combinations – those who have experience together or separately and wish to progress in their chosen class.

SUPER STAR – Established riders and/or horses/ponies who are aiming high. Wanting to work on the finer details and getting that winning edge.

Riders/Handlers in the LEAD REIN, NEW, RISING and SUPER STAR groups have the opportunity to compete for the TSR Amateur Rider/Handler of the Year held at the TSR Premier Amateur Show (25th and 26th July 2024, Stoneleigh Park Warwickshire)  in the following age groups:

NEW STAR – 6-10 YRS / 11-14 YRS / 15-25 YRS / 26-40 YRS / 41+ YRS

RISING STAR – 6-10 YRS / 11-14 YRS / 15-25 YRS / 26-40 YRS / 41+ YRS

SUPER STAR – 9-14 YRS / 15-25 YRS / 26-40 YRS / 41+ YRS

Am I eligible?
Clinics are open to EVERYONE however the TSR Pathway Finals is EXCLUSIVELY for AMATEURS. Riders/Handlers MUST be Amateurs as per the TSR Handbook, please see the handbook HERE for further information.