The Showing Register Handbook Amendment

The Showing Register would like to make all competitors aware there has been an amendment to The Showing Register Handbook for 2023. All additions are in bold below for your attention.

Amateur Status for Horse of the Year Show 2023.

Any member or competitor wishing to compete under the TSR amateur definition in relation to any qualification gained for Horse of the Year Show ridden classes, or the Premier Amateur League Wildcard, must ensure they have maintained their amateur status from 1st January 2023, up to and including the last day of Horse of the Year Show Sunday 8th October 2023.

TSR reserve the right to refuse entry to Horse of the Year Show should it become aware through eligibility checks or concerns that this ruling has not been adhered to. This applies to owner, rider and animal. If you have any queries relating to the TSR Amateur Definition, please contact the office directly.

For the full The Showing Register Handbook, please refer to the TSR website or follow this link.