Are you a keen Amateur* rider who has not competed at HOYS ?
Do you want help to achieve your Showing Dreams!
Then Get SPOTTED for the TSR Pathway!!!!

for all TSR Pathway Riders
we would like to recognise your hard work & training!

6 Amazing Prizes for each Pathway Group Novice, Medium & Advanced

TSR Achievement Awards - How to take Part

How does it Work

  • Get talent spotted at a TSR Clinic into the Pre HOYS Novice, Medium or Advance Groups.
  • Make sure you are an Amateur (see box below for criteria)
  • Become a TSR Member (if you are not already) to be eligible for the Awards
  • Email for an application form and return by 31st August 2017
  • Download the FREE TSR Train & Reward App and fill in your training goals. When you achieve your goal share your online award on the TSR Facebook page or email a screen shot to keep us updated on your progress.
    Click HERE for the App
  • Applications will go to a panel who will choose 6 riders for each group. They will be looking for riders that have been trying hard to achieve their training & showing goals. This could be for example in the Novice Group going to your first show, cantering in a group, halting on a straight line, improving your position and seat. It is not about a list of show results but about training and improving as a rider and combination.
  • The 6 prize winners in each group will be announced by the 18th September 2017
What is the Pathway?

The Pathway is a training platform for keen and enthusiastic Amateur Riders who wish to improve their riding and showing skills through training to achieve their goals. The pathway is split into Pre HOYS Riders and HOYS Group Riders. Pre HOYS Group Riders can move up to the HOYS Group if enough improvement has been demonstrated. Riders will be able to use the TSR Train & Reward App to record their training goals & showing results. Each Rider on the Pathway can ask TSR for assistance to put together a training program and will have access to FREE advice from showing experts across the country.

Who are you Talent Spotting?

TSR is looking for talented amateur riders and their horses/ponies who have potential as a combination. We are looking for riders who have a good understanding of the importance of basic flatwork training techniques demonstrating this through the development of their horses/pony’s training and paces. Riders must be 8 years & over and riding off the lead rein to be talent spotted (there is no upper age limit).

How do I get Talent Spotted?

Attend a TSR Talent Spotting Clinic for your chance to be talent spotted for the Training Pathway Pre Hoys or HOYS Group. If you are spotted you will be notified at the clinic by the trainer. Riders in the Pre Hoys Group can notify TSR by email they have been spotted and will be included on the Pathway as Talented riders to watch for the future. They can update TSR with their progress and have the chance to move up groups the following year. HOYS Group Riders can email for an application form and return it by the 1st May to apply for the Master Class Selection Ride Off. Applications will be reviewed and approx 40 riders will be selected by June for the Ride Off and placed in the following groups. 10 riders per age group will be chosen for the selection Ride Off

8 – 14 years / 15 – 25 years / 26 – 40 yrs / 40 years & over (Age as of the 1st January in current year)

Selected Riders will be mentored by a showing expert with access to lots of help and advice in preparation for the Ride Off! The Ride Off will take place at the TSR Gala Show in July at Onley EC, Rugby. At the Ride off 1 Rider from each age group will be selected for the TSR/HOYS Showing Master Class to be held at HOYS.

*Am I Eligible?

The TSR Training Pathway & HOYS Showing Master Class is EXCLUSIVELY for AMATEURS. Riders MUST be Amateurs as per the following definition AND must not ride on a regular basis for owners or professional producers no matter if they are paid or not and must not have ridden any animal at the Horse of the Year Show in the past 3 years and the current year. The horse/pony must not have competed at the Horse of the Year Show in the past 3 years. You are NOT an Amateur if :

  • Your main income is from working with horses or ponies either as a self employed person or as an employee
  • You engage in breeding, livery, buying, selling or dealing in a commercial capacity.
  • Receive remuneration for employment in the connection with horses in racing, showing, livery or riding school (inc teaching)
  • Show a horse owned or sponsored by a company or commercial firm.
  • The horse/pony is stabled in a professional show producer’s yard during the current season. You may keep your horse or pony at part livery or DIY Livery as long as the owner of the yard does not fall under the definition of Professional Show Producer. You may receive lessons / training in either a clinic or one to one basis.
  • If you teach or train horses or riders on a  paid or unpaid basis you are not eligible.
  • Junior Riders under 18 years can only be classed as amateurs if both parents are amateurs.

If you work with Horses/ponies but it is not your main income it must be on a ‘hobby’ basis and if this is the case you may have a ruling from the office on request. The definition by TSR of a Professional Show Producer is a person who derives income from keeping and training horses and ponies for the show ring even if this is not their sole or main source of income. TSR takes very seriously the spirit of these conditions and any member found to be contravening them will be banned from being a member of TSR for life.

Does it Cost Anything?

To be talent spotted you will need to pay for a place on a TSR clinic which is £25 for TSR members or £35 non members. If talent spotted you do not have to be a TSR Member to go on the Pathway.



Training Classes are run on a normal class format but riders receive lots of feedback and help from the judge. Classes are not placed but everyone gets a rosette. Entry Fee is approx £10 for a Training Class. You enter at the show for the class. Please see schedules for full details. Judges will be talent spotting for the Pathway