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Fun & Easy to Use
The TSR App is here to help you achieve your Showing Goals
plus you can collect your

TSR Rewards and share online.

Fun, Simple and easy to use give it a go and focus on your Goals!

The FREE NEW APP from TSR is a fun & helpful way to log your training goals and post your results all from your mobile phone or tablet. Easy to use, simply download, register your details, fill in your horses info and your ready!

How will it help me train?

Winners AwardIt will help you focus and set attainable training goals which you can use with your trainer or friends plus to help keep you super motivated you can collect your TSR Reward. Every time you achieve a goal you get a Star Award and if you get three goals a Gold Trophy! Goals can be anything from teaching the horse a new aid or simply getting him to load in the trailer or pick his feet up. You can then share your training reward with your friends on FB. TSR thinks success begins at home!

Collect your online Rosettes!

Rosette AwardPost your show results to collect your online rosettes. Post a result from any show (it does not have to be a TSR show) and you get an online rosette! Your friends cannot see your rosettes at home so you can share your online ones with your friends via social media!

Where can you get the App?

The App is FREE and available for Android from Google Play & from the Apple App Store search for Train Show Reward or TSR
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