TSR Clinics

TSR Master Class Training Pathway

Clinics are relaxed & fun for ALL levels of rider & type of horse/pony.
EVERYONE is Welcome – You do not have to be an Amateur or a TSR Member.
Amateur Riders could be talent spotted for the TSR Training Pathway!
Get lots of tips on showing and what a judge looks for, have your horse ridden by a ride judge!

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Clinic Dates 2018 Updated 7th Jan



5 Jan – 11 Feb

15 Feb – 16 Mar

17 March – 27 May

Training Classes




All about TSR Clinics

You DO NOT have to be a TSR Member or an Amateur to take part – Everyone is Welcome They are for all riders no matter what level you ride at or type of horse/pony you have. If your new to showing there is lots of advice and help. You might want to polish up and brush the winter cobwebs away so they are a great place to get going or you might have a young horse/pony or new rider that needs some practice before your first show. Just let us know and we can assist you achieve your goals and gain that all important confidence!

Trainers Sarah Chapman is TSR’s regular trainer and she is joined by guest trainers at some clinics – that is two trainers so GREAT VALUE for your money! Sarah is very friendly, approachable and is a ridden panel judge for BSHA, Sport Horse (GB) & CHAPS, plus BSPS & TSR pony panels. She has judged at many shows of all levels including twice at RIHS & HOYS. In 2014 she helped the HOYS Search for a Star cob winner Jane Norris to achieve her dream.

Format We organise riders into small groups of 4 – 6 riders with similar sized/type of animals. Clinic sessions last approx 90 mins and include group flatwork to get warmed up followed by individual/pair work. As well as ridden training we cover In Hand technique, presentation of your horse/pony and of course the rider! The aim is to help you and your horse/pony get as much out of the session as possible. If you have a ridden horse then Sarah is available to ride and appraise your horse as from a judges perspective. This can be really helpful if a horse needs experience or you simply want an opinion and some advice.

£25 for TSR or BRC Members
£35 Non Members


Get Talent Spotted

Everyone is Welcome at a clinic BUT you must be an Amateur (as per TSR definition) and have not competed at HOYS in 2015,2016,2017 (inc 2018) to be eligible for talent spotting and the pathway.

Who are we Spotting? TSR is looking for talented riders and their horses/ponies who have potential as a combination. We are looking for riders who have a good understanding of the importance of basic flatwork training techniques demonstrating this through the development of their horses/pony’s training and paces.

How does it work?

  • Attend a TSR Talent Spotting Clinic for your chance to be talent spotted for the Training Pathway Pre Hoys or HOYS Group.
  • If you are spotted you will be notified at the clinic by the trainer.
  • Riders in the Pre Hoys Group can notify TSR by email they have been spotted and will be included on the Pathway as Talented riders to watch for the future. They can update TSR with their progress and have the chance to move up groups the following year.
  • HOYS Group Riders can email for an application form and return it by the 1st May 2017 to apply for the 2017 Master Class Selection Ride Off. Applications will be reviewed and approx 40 riders will be selected by June for the Ride Off and placed in the following groups. 10 riders per age group will be chosen for the selection Ride Off Rider 8 – 14 years / Rider 15 – 25 years / Rider 26 – 40 yrs / Rider 40 years & over (Age as of the 1st January in current year)
  • Selected Riders will be mentored by a showing expert with access to lots of help and advice in preparation for the Ride Off!
  • The Ride Off will take place at the TSR Gala Show on 15th & 16th July at Onley EC, Rugby. At the Ride off 1 Rider from each age group will be selected for the TSR Showing Master Class..

Am I eligible?
Clinics are open to EVERYONE however the TSR Training Pathway is EXCLUSIVELY for AMATEURS. Please look at the TSR Handbook which has the definition. Junior Riders under 18 years can only be classed as amateurs if both parents are amateurs.



Training Classes are run on a normal class format but riders receive lots of feedback and help from the judge. Classes are not placed but everyone gets a rosette. Entry Fee is approx £10 for a Training Class. You enter at the show for the class. Please see schedules for full details. Judges will be talent spotting for the Pathway


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