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If you have any questions or need HELP with Membership please check out the
list below or contact the office on
Email: or Tel: 08448707392

How do I become a Member?

Please go to this page TSR Membership of the website you can join online or by post. TSR Membership is just £24 with over £40’s of benefits inc TSR Members Sashes & Medals.


READ the full Terms & Conditions HERE before completing your Membership

Approval of Membership
All memberships are subject to approval within 14 days of application. If TSR does not contact the applicant within 14 days to notify the applicant that membership has NOT been approved, the membership is approved. TSR reserves the right to refuse/suspend any persons membership without stating a reason.

What is a TSR Membership?
A TSR Membership entitles the person to receive the TSR Benefits as listed above. It does not entitle the person to any shares or voting rights in The Showing Register Ltd (TSR)

HELP! I am struggling to do the Online Membership

Please download this Step by Step Guide to doing an INSTANT Online Membership or email Sarah on or Tel: 0844 8707392 and she will sort it out for you.

I cannot find my membership number!

If you have completed an Instant Online Membership and created your own Account log back in and go to either Membership then Invoices and download your invoice OR Click on My Details and then the Membership Society tab.

If you have done a QUICK Online membership allow a couple of days and you will receive an email with your invoice attached which will have your Membership number on.

If you still cannot find your membership number please email and they will send it to you.

Do I get a Membership Card?

To keep our fees low we do not send out Membership Cards. Simply make a note of your membership number and keep this in your jacket pocket. All Membership numbers have a special code each year to prove you are a current member.

Do I need to be a TSR Member?

If you are a member and take part in all we do you can receive over £40’s in benefits. You can claim our TSR Members Sashes & Medals, receive discounts at clinics & on entry fees. However we do not state you have to be a member to take part in anything we do.

HOYS Pony / M&M / Coloured Qualifiers – If you want to take part in a HOYS qualifiers for WHP, M&M, Intermediates, LR/FR SHP, SHP, Part Breds & Coloureds then you can on a TSR Membership. TSR is the cheapest membership to be eligible to compete in a HOYS qualifier at any show.

Check out our Membership page for all the great benefits

How do I get a TSR Sash?

Become a TSR Member and attend a TSR Sash show these are highlighted in Red on the shows list. You can find the shows list on the Shows/Regionals page

How do I get a TSR Medal Award?

When you qualify for the TSR Regional Finals you will either receive a qualification card or get your In Hand Card signed. Collect the cards and signatures and if you are a TSR Member you can then send in your cards between Oct – Dec in the current year with an SAE to claim your Medal. Members can claim only one medal either a Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal in the current year.

3 Cards/signatures = Bronze, 6 cards/signatures = Silver,
8 cards/signatures = Gold

How do I qualify for the TSR Regional Finals?

Attend a qualifying show, for a list of shows visit the Shows page or the Regional Finals page of this website

TSR Riders Finals – 1st & 2nd riders qualify and will receive a qualification card in the ring.

TSR In Hand Finals – The two highest placed Handlers with a TSR In Hand Card will qualify in any In Hand class. Handlers MUST have their cards signed in the ring by the judge/steward.

It is the Handlers responsibility to have the card in the ring

How do I get Talent Spotted for the Training Pathway & TSR/HOYS Showing Master Class?

Please go to the Training Pathway page of the website for all the details.

Am I Eligible?

The TSR Training Pathway & HOYS Showing Master Class is EXCLUSIVELY for AMATEURS. Riders MUST be Amateurs as per the following definition AND must not ride on a regular basis for owners or professional producers no matter if they are paid or not and must not have ridden any animal at the Horse of the Year Show in the past 3 years and the current year. The horse/pony must not have competed at the Horse of the Year Show in the past 3 years.

You are NOT an Amateur if :

  • Your main income is from working with horses or ponies either as a self employed person or as an employee
  • You engage in breeding, livery, buying, selling or dealing in a commercial capacity.
  • Receive remuneration for employment in the connection with horses in racing, showing, livery or riding school (inc teaching)
  • Show a horse owned or sponsored by a company or commercial firm.
  • The horse/pony is stabled in a professional show producer's yard during the current season. You may keep your horse or pony at part livery or DIY Livery as long as the owner of the yard does not fall under the definition of Professional Show Producer. You may receive lessons / training in either a clinic or one to one basis.
  • If you teach or train horses or riders on a  paid or unpaid basis you are not eligible.
  • Junior Riders under 18 years can only be classed as amateurs if both parents are amateurs.

If you work with Horses/ponies but it is not your main income it must be on a 'hobby' basis and if this is the case you may have a ruling from the office on request. The definition by TSR of a Professional Show Producer is a person who derives income from keeping and training horses and ponies for the show ring even if this is not their sole or main source of income.